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What is Reflexology?

The feet are said to be a mirror image of your body, and have over 60 points that when stimulated, can trigger a healing response. Stimulating those reflexes using specific techniques of the fingers, thumbs and knuckles, results in a direct effect on the corresponding organ. Reflexology is a simple, safe and effective form of non-invasive holistic healing.

Benefits of Reflexology

Nervous System: Responds by a slowing of nerve velocity - thereby calming the whole body, Pain pathways are interrupted - reducing pain, stimulates the production of encephalins and endorphins - inducing a sense of euphoria and helping with pain relief

Circulatory System: Improved circulation thereby increasing nutrition to the cells and promoting the removal of waste products

Lymphatic System: Reduction in tissue swelling, improved immunity and a reduced risk of infection

Energy Systems: Balanced energy flow in the meridians - leading to a general sense of wellbeing

The Relaxation Response - Reflexology is extremely relaxing. As 75-80% of disease is said to be caused by stress and tension, this is a very powerful and important effect.

The Effect of Touch - Caring, nurturing touch is something we all crave. The healing power of touch has been well documented over the ages. Touch applied via the feet is particularly well received as it is non-invasive and requires the recipient to remove only their shoes and socks.

Areas where Reflexology can be useful

Stress management - Reflexology reduces nervous tension and calms overactive adrenal glands. Danish studies have reported that recipients feel a much greater sense of wellbeing and cope better with stress.

Chronic illness - Reflexology reduces pain, promotes the elimination of toxins and helps activate and balance all body systems.

Foot problems - Reflexology reduces oedema, alleviates foot pain, and improves mobility of the foot and ankle.

It is great natural therapy that can bring great relief.