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Overactive Fear-will Mind and Negative Thinking

Fate is the hand of cards life intends to deal us and the only way we can change this is through our free will.

What do I mean by free will? Making choices and decisions through our heart space and energy, with trust in ourselves, in the universe, and knowing there is something more to this life than what we see with our eyes and think with our minds.

Our will is not free will when choices are fuelled by negativity, fear, jealousy, anger, addiction, doubt, judgement, superiorism; this is the ego self called fear will, and exists in the mind and not in the heart or Soul. Free will is without interference from any external energy source whatsoever, and without interference from past experiences or future expectations, and without interference from the mind; it comes from the heart, originates from feeling and not by thought.

I will elaborate a little more about free will. Let's say you're sitting on the couch watching TV. You want to get up and pour yourself a drink. That's what you feel like doing so you freely will yourself to get up and pour yourself a drink, without thinking much more about it, right? That is free will. Ok, same scenario. Your sitting on the couch watching TV. You want to get up and grab a drink. But you start to think (this is the ego interfering), what if I get up and slip on the way I might break my leg, or what if there isn't any of my preferred drink left then I will be disappointed, what if I dropped the glass on the way back to the couch and it shatters all over the floor and damages it... what if, what if, what if - so you don't get up to pour yourself a drink. This is what many people call free will. I'm kindly shouting now : IT'S NOT! This is fear will, and in no way, form or shape free. What you felt like doing; pouring yourself a drink was immobilised by your thoughts, the mind, the ego - thoughts of fear, doubt, negativity. Have you ever thought, what if all that doesn't happen??

The simple lesson here is FEEL, ACT then THINK. So many of us have it wrong because we feel, think and then act (or lack in action for that matter).

I often encounter beautiful people, live with fear will in their lives, thinking they are using their free will, thinking they are making choices - but they are not making choices, because they are THINKING not FEELING - because the ego is playing dress ups and acting like the Soul. Let me say the ego is full of doubt and negativity, our Soul is only full of pure love and positivity. I exaggerated the example so people can understand what free will truly is, and to acknowledge when the ego has assumed control and playing mind games, tricks and dress ups.

Here is something to think about - how many times have you felt like doing, saying or believing something and the ego self has appeared and your thoughts have stopped you by activating your fear will? Stopped you from doing what you feel because of your mind, your thoughts?

If you are afraid, doubtful, insecure or your thoughts have talked you out of doing, saying or believing something, you are not making a choice - you are stopping in motion and effort and disabling your will so it acts in fear and is not free. If you recognise you do this in your own life, here are two vibrational medicines to help you reactivate your free will.

Bach Flower Essence Mimulus is great for these circumstances. Mimulus targets fear of known things - meaning if you know what you are afraid of (heartbreak, rejection, failure etc). Another Bach Flower Essence is Aspen which is fear of unknown things - meaning you recognise that you are afraid, doubtful, insecure but don't know why. Both essences will target the fear within so that the fear is brought up and released out of our emotional bodies and dissipated.

Four drops underneath the tongue for two weeks will start to reactivate your free will (heart) and subside your fear will (mind or ego). Point to note that it may bring these emotions to the surface so they can be cleared - liken it to the fear or baggage needs to pass through a control point or customs in order to be released. Also, if you choose to try Flower Essence Therapy, be kind and nurture yourself during the two weeks - because a lot of emotional release will occur.

Ok, back to fate:) We can change or upgrade the prosperity of our own fate at any given time, once again only through our free will - and this means by cultivating our own soul energy and not plugging into someone else's energy source. Everything they say is written, and yes this is true to the degree of when we accept it as the only potential of our life. The fate dealt by the universe is the base, and will not improve if we don't believe we deserve better or we are not freely willing to put the effort in that has been cultivated by our own soul and energy. We always have a choice, we can upgrade the cards for a winning hand, upgrade our fate in prosperity: only when we live via our free will, by who we truly are, our authentic self, no masks, no doubt, no illusions, limited fear and befriending our ego. Remember FEEL, ACT then THINK.

When we are living through our authentic self, that is living from the heart, and not the mind - that's what many refer to as the Soul potential.

So for those who accept that this is as good as your life will get, think again, it's not. It is what you are allowing and accepting life to deal you. If you want to change it, then do so, as Jim Rohn says, you are not a tree. You are not powerless, everyone is powerful only when they recognise the power and light in themselves and use that power to self-create light and positivity in their lives, one step at a time. But you have to do the work, lets call it an investment in your prosperity.

I believe no person is greater or superior to another - everyone has the potential, deserves and can create an awesome, prosperous life. Everyone has the opportunity to have a better hand of cards dealt to them, when they choose via their free will. So people when someone says reach for the stars, live your dreams, shine your light, go get 'em! Do it - via your free will with light and positivity! Nothing or no one holds you back except you or better still your thoughts, your mind, your ego, so get out of your own way and live the best life that fate offers you!

Love and light to all, and then some, and then more. And along the way, always be kind to everything that lives. xxxxx