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Create a Life of 'What is' and not, 'What if's'

The only way to progress in life unattached to the past is to put the effort in today so no 'what if'(s) scenarios can arise in your future, that originate from your past. The 'what if'(s) are a different course of action - that you didn't act on in past situations and normally when you don't follow your inner guidance, these attachments to the past non-eventuated course of actions can remain. Regret can also express itself as resentment and anger towards others if you have not self reflected on your contribution, or if you decline to take responsibility of your own energy - thoughts, words and actions.

When you follow your inner guidance, your heart - by simply doing what you feel, uninterrupted and not reinterpreted by your logical mind - there are no attachments to 'what if'(s) because there are none - just the 'what is' - therefore the battle between the ego mind and soul heart ceases to exist.

This is the simplest way to live in the present moment and to have no regrets about your past - remember regrets are a result of not acting on what you intuitively felt, in a space of time.

How do regrets evenuate? The reason these attachments remain is because you did not honour your truest self, and because you did not honour the wisdom within you, the connection between the inner and outer you, is conflicted.

So how do you un-conflict this heart-mind connection? By learning and integrating the lesson of trusting the heart wisdom within - today and tomorrow, and each day after that.

Let the past go with kindness, forgive yourself and move on in life and integrate the lessons presented, to trust what you intuitively feel first - and not always what you logically think.

Namaste x

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

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