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Quartz Holistic Health was created by Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos, a multi award winning self improvement author and an energy, flower essence, aromatherapy and crystal healing practitioner.

It is how she brings to you knowledge, seminars, workshops, and complementary medicine and natural health products that can support you, to reach the equilibrium in life where your body, Soul and Spirit co-relate in perfect balance and in harmony with each other. Quartz Holistic Health is a collective of all that Kasi Kaye represents. Helping to bring harmony back holistically, to people’s lives and the environments, in which they live.

She also created the INSPIRED Subscription Box. She researches many books, methods, products and items that help promote healing, create balance and positive intention. She and Team INSPIRE are always on the lookout of what is emerging in the industry as well as following some well-known methods and techniques, and keeping informed of some of personal favourites.

Kasi thought how wonderful it would be to launch a monthly subscription box embracing all these things to share with you. And here we are!

Learn more about Kasi on her website here: