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Japanese Detox Patches

What is a foot detox patch?

Detox patches made from totally natural tree and bamboo extracts, is a medical treatment based on Japanese toxins cleansing technology invented a Pharmacologist, and a Biophysical Scientist in Japan. The detox patches are manufactured in a registered pharaceutical environment in Japan. It is the culmination of centuries of knowledge known to the Japanese, and has been passed down through the generations.

How does it work?

It works just like the osmosis pressure in a plant. Tree roots transport water to other branches utilizing its semi-permeable membrane. The heat from the far-infrared rays of the patches helps absorb perspiration from the bottom of our foot.

The bottom of the foot is the location where most of the nerves in the body end. Far infrared rays emitted from the patches promote thermal vasodilatation that penetrates semi-permiable skin, where it dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow and moves waste fluids out of the body. Therefore, the patches are best used on the sole of the foot to clean out waste and toxic materials that are expelled with the perspiration.

What do I do with them?
All you need to do is place them on the soles of your feet before you go to bed and it is best to leave them on for 8 hours. You will feel a tingling sensation soon after. Far infrared rays emitted from the patches dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow and moves waste fluids out of the body while you sleep, and you just remove them in the morning. The residue that you will find on the patches in the morning will amaze you.  After you remove the patches bathe your feet or use a wet tissue to remove residue. 
All patches come with carbon titanium adhesives. 
A controlled independent laboratory study was conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories an organization authorized by the Japanese government. The patches were analyzed (both before and after use) for the presence of heavy metals and other substances.
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