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Boswellia Carteri Frankincense Resin - 20 grams

Boswellia Carteri Frankincense Resin - 20 grams
Product Code: Boswellia Carteri Frankincense 20 grams
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This is pure frankincense resins from farms in North Eastern Somalia. This is the famous Boswellia Carteri Frankincense is associated with feelings of devotion, prayer, contemplation and inspiration. It is used in temples, mosques, monastries and many households around the world.

This is the ultimate in incense - it has the ability to break, dissolve and cleanse any and all negative energies and is a great energetic purifier. The resin incense is burnt by placing on a hot coal, which then releases the purifying properties into your environment.

Frankincense can also be used to energetically cleanse all gems and crystals, by suspending the gems and crystals above the burning incense.

From a biblical perspective, Frankincense is also found in the Bible as one of the three gifts the wise men gave to the young child Jesus. So it has had a spiritual significance for many years.

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