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How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space Paperback

How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space Paperback
Product Code: How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space Paperback
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Spiritualists cannot effectively refine their soul frequencies in an environment that does not match their soul vibration. The energy that is outside of us does affect our energy field and therefore our soul vibration. Being aware means that you understand this and take action to address it.

In How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space, author Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos explains how you can assess your physical environment and its energetic imprint by looking at the location and structure and harmonising it by crystal gridding and Himalayan Salt placement to combat discord and electromagnetic smog. She also reveals the impact that previous residents, neighbours, and the past have on the present and describes ways to shift discordant energy by decluttering, cleansing, and interior design. Through the use of colour therapy, chakras, plants, flowers, aromas, sound, sacred geometry, and symbology, you can manifest light and positive energy in your home and space. These methods can help you continue on your path of restoring to your original soul template and living the life you came here to experience.

This guide presents ways to evaluate the energetic imprint of the spaces around you and transform them into positive and helpful environments for you to inhabit.

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